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For Our Daughters…A Celebration of Womanhood

Daughters of Ours, Spring green has touched the tips of the trees, edging its way to leaf centers. Plum and pink Azaleas have yawned into March’s morning light. Because Florida. And before we can sneeze the oak pollen from our … Continue reading

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More Than You Imagine

You are more than you imagine yourself to be. She breathed these words over me as the prayer finished during a conference I attended. “That’s a word from God. He told me to tell you that.” Warmth flooded my being, … Continue reading

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You Are Worth It

A few years ago, I was embroiled in a battle with the parent of one of my students. I received several nasty emails from the mom, who only heard the one-sided tale of her daughter. With teeth tightly clinched and … Continue reading

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