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Choosing to Trust God When I Don’t Want to

The rain falls softly this Sunday morning. I didn’t go to church. I couldn’t wear a fake smile and dress in fake laughter. I’m not ready to share my grief in person.  But here? In this space, I can hide … Continue reading

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Let My Words Be Few…

Friends…God never promises easy. And there have been times when the fear of losing my dreams has been so real, I can smell the acrid smoke and ash as flames destroy the path I was walking. But I’m learning. The … Continue reading

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When the Answer’s No

Caleb, no you may not climb into the refrigerator. Caleb, no you may not hit your sister with the sword. Caleb, no you may not ride the dog like a horse. Caleb, I said no. I said no. Caleb. I. … Continue reading

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Runnin’ on Empty

I’m all out of steam. My tank is out of gas. I’m runnin’ on empty. My get-up has lost its go. There’s no pep in my step. I’m all tuckered-out. You choose the expression. I fit the bill—I am exhausted. … Continue reading

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