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Because It’s May, and I’m Teacher-Tired

Oh teacher friends. It’s that time of year. Yep. You know what I’m talking about. It’s the time of year when you drag your tired butt through the door of your home and think, Cooking is lame. Pizza for the third … Continue reading

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Dear Teacher on the Tired Days,

I get it. I had a student hurt my feelings today. Words that cut deep and wounded because there is always an element of truth perceived by the one being sarcastic. And I’ve been icing my bruises all afternoon. The … Continue reading

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When Your Motherhood is Tired

Hey, Momma. I know. I know those tired eyes and that sleepy soul. I see the dirt smudges on your knees from crawling through playground tunnels. I hear the sigh you heaved after changing your second diaper in five minutes. … Continue reading

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When Your Christmas is Tired

Our Ella was four when we bought her the nativity. Painted genuine with muted colors. Rugged, durable, real—beautiful. It wasn’t a cartooned toy, and it was perfect for her. Perfect for her tiny hands to carry the baby Jesus, to … Continue reading

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When We’re Tired of the Fight

Have you ever been tired of the fight? Ready to sink into the abyss without a rope? Think you cannot take this life one. more. day? The desire to give-up can weigh heavy on our souls. Exhaustion sets in and … Continue reading

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Runnin’ on Empty

I’m all out of steam. My tank is out of gas. I’m runnin’ on empty. My get-up has lost its go. There’s no pep in my step. I’m all tuckered-out. You choose the expression. I fit the bill—I am exhausted. … Continue reading

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Choosing Pollyanna

The desire to write today is nonexistent. Stress presses in and wells up inside. I feel like curling into myself and drifting away. Exhausted emotions produce a rawness that bites back. I am tired. I used to read a little … Continue reading

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Run for the Hills!

Yesterday morning I wanted to run for the hills. I really did. I wanted to be Julie Andrews twirling and singing, “the hills are alive…” without a care in the world. Prince Charming and I couldn’t agree on how to … Continue reading

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