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When the Journey is Far From Easy

I’m always a little late in the game. This is pretty standard for my life. Late for work. Late for events. Late for life. And I’m always funny—just five minutes late. Which means I’m not really funny at all. About … Continue reading

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When Mommas Lose It

I hit the wall. My daughter, Ella, was two and I slammed my palm into dry wall. To keep myself from doing the unthinkable, I put a hole in the wall of my hallway. With my hand. She had screamed … Continue reading

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The Test Does Not Define You

So. Tomorrow you will take a test. Bubbling in A or B and sometimes E. Writing essays until your fingers cramp. It will be the test. The one we’ve prepared for by reading and writing and thinking and straining. And … Continue reading

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One Step at a Time

I am out of shape. I am living in the land of the “usta coulds” as we would say here in the south. I usta could run a 10K. I usta could wear my favorite jeans. I usta could say … Continue reading

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