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‘Tis the Season for Crazy

Last night my husband and I sent the Court Jester to Family Reading Night at school. Without his family. Prince Charming was helping with our church Christmas program, and Princess Ella rushed through two different rehearsals. Where was I? Starbucks. … Continue reading

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Dear Momma Trying to Make Christmas Perfect

Please stop. I know your stress. It’s deep. It’s binding—the chaining of emotions to unattainable perfection. I used to be you. My young married years were spent attempting to be Martha Stewart. I’d spend endless hours crafting homemade gifts, baking … Continue reading

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Learning to Cast

Anxiety. Worry. Stress. I know these words. I pack them everywhere I go. Sometimes I take them out, shine them up for all to see. Anxiety and I are close—tight, bonded. Friends even? She wakes up with me and speaks … Continue reading

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A Holiday Perfected

I have a confession to make. But before I share my shadowed secret, I want you to know—I don’t feel any guilt for what I’ve done. Not a shred. Even when my daughter looks at me with her warm chocolate … Continue reading

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Grace for the Overwhelmed

Overwhelmed. This word. I know it well. Staring at the blank canvas of a computer screen, day after day. No words. Dust bunnies dance under tables and in corners—taunting me. Relationships I’m failing to invest in the way I should. … Continue reading

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Seeing Joy

“Ella! Ella!” his little voice yelled across the yard. “Look! Look at me!” Caleb stood in the green blades watching his sister in the neighbor’s driveway. She waved a hand, gave a quick glance over, and then continued playing with … Continue reading

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Choosing Pollyanna

The desire to write today is nonexistent. Stress presses in and wells up inside. I feel like curling into myself and drifting away. Exhausted emotions produce a rawness that bites back. I am tired. I used to read a little … Continue reading

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