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An Imperfectly Perfect Christmas

We try to make it perfect, this Christmas season. We want beautiful decorations, painted-delightfully cookies, and low stress. We want to be givers of the best gifts evers. But it rarely turns out that way. I have a list. A … Continue reading

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When the Answer’s No

Caleb, no you may not climb into the refrigerator. Caleb, no you may not hit your sister with the sword. Caleb, no you may not ride the dog like a horse. Caleb, I said no. I said no. Caleb. I. … Continue reading

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It’s No Magic Wand…

More times than I care to think about in the last week I have wanted a magic wand. I have desperately wished for one. If only I could be the Fairy Godmother for a day. Oh, how I would use … Continue reading

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