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Because Valentine’s? It’s Just a Day…

Valentine’s Day. A day I’ve loved to hate. A day I’ve loved to love. But really? It’s just a day. There were the tortured years. Years I weighed my value on the scale of this Love-Day. This day that loved … Continue reading

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Fighting for Prince Charming

I can change a tire. I know how to check my oil, washer fluid, and radiator. I can jump off my car and change the battery. I spent one week of my summer as a college student reroofing a house. … Continue reading

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To the Young Woman Looking for Prince Charming

I know you. I’ve been you. Your heart aches to share your life with the one. The one who will hold your hand, calm your soul, capture your heart. I’ve so many things I want you to hear. So many … Continue reading

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Fighting for Happily Ever After

The week before our wedding was, well, far from the fairy tale. Tensions were already tight as my family bared the intense pressure cooker of a wedding. The Mother-of-the-Bride was sick, missing one of my showers hosted by her best … Continue reading

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Why I Refuse to be Embarrassed by My Kids’ Mistakes

We call Caleb the Court Jester. He’s funny, full of silly antics, and loves to entertain. Often he walks a wire-thin line between trouble and hilarious. Target is one big playground for my little guy. He skips through aisles. His … Continue reading

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When the Fairy Tale is Different Than You Imagined

Fifteen years. Fifteen years, and he still brings me coffee. Every morning. Fifteen years ago I married Prince Charming. Diaper changing, dinner cooking, laundry folding Prince Charming. But no one is perfect, including me. Neither are relationships. Fifteen years ago, … Continue reading

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The Audience of One

Lately, I’ve been asking myself the question: Would I still write if no one was there to read the words I sometimes painfully produce? What if no one else reads this blog? Even deeper still, what if I only wrote for … Continue reading

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You Are Not Alone

I still rock Caleb to sleep. I do it, not because I have to, but because I want to. He’s two and a half, and I know what all of the experts say, but it doesn’t matter. I relish my … Continue reading

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A New Definition of Romance

Think back to the days of your childhood. How did you imagine marriage? Really. Try to visualize what your childhood mind thought marriage would be. Can you do it? I can’t. Instead, my childhood mind pictured the courtship.  It pictured … Continue reading

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Run for the Hills!

Yesterday morning I wanted to run for the hills. I really did. I wanted to be Julie Andrews twirling and singing, “the hills are alive…” without a care in the world. Prince Charming and I couldn’t agree on how to … Continue reading

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