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When Christmas Fails Our Expectations

My first hint of danger? I found the idea on Pinterest. I’m rarely a get-crafty-with-the-kids momma. But sometimes I see something that looks easy—simple—and I think, Well, why not? With that innocent thought, I found myself late Saturday afternoon standing … Continue reading

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When We Attempt to Groom Perfect Children

Flawless hair. Big colorful bows. Smocked dresses from Etsy for each holiday. For the first several years of life, my sweet Ella-girl always looked perfectly put together. Every hair on her cute little head in place. Outfits coordinated for each … Continue reading

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A Holiday Perfected

I have a confession to make. But before I share my shadowed secret, I want you to know—I don’t feel any guilt for what I’ve done. Not a shred. Even when my daughter looks at me with her warm chocolate … Continue reading

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