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Choosing Right Now

When I was a little girl, my sister and I would visit my grandma and granddaddy’s house. It wasn’t large. It wasn’t fancy. It didn’t have closets teeming with toys for us to play with. In reality, we were often … Continue reading

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Why Mommas Need Each Other

Last night I sat at dinner with an incredible group of blogging mommas. Intelligent. Hard-working. Funny. Strong. Beautiful. As we enjoyed delicious offerings the stories swirled. We talked about everything and our children were always part of the conversation. Their … Continue reading

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On the Worry of Raising Children Well

Yeah…so I thought I was going to write a word or two on gratitude. But instead the still small Voice led me to this…And well? My Thanksgiving for the peace it gives my heart? A humble gratefulness. Thanksgiving approaches, slipping … Continue reading

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When I Remember the Important

My Court Jester sits close with a tablet in hand watching some new version of Frosty, which is fine by me since the original always kinda freaked me out. Or was it Rudolph? The Princess is dancing her tippy toes … Continue reading

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Learning to Have Fun With My Kids

It’s been a long week. Friday afternoon and I’m toast. Drained by the voices of more than 160 students, all I want is a hot bath, a good book, and some soft jazz in the background. But motherhood interrupted my … Continue reading

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The Mistake of Dreaming for Our Children

I choked back the words. Gulped them down and swallowed—hard. They were bitter, disappointing, careless. Words that would have only torn down. Words meant to bolster my ego. Though they never made it past my lips, I heard them. And … Continue reading

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When the Safe Life Isn’t So Safe

Twice in three days. Twice I held my breath. Twice I watched as each child climbed new heights. First it was the Court Jester in the park on a clear blue day. His sister led him higher and higher on … Continue reading

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Tea With My Princess

Elegant teacups mingle within lace and vintage clothing. White twinkle lights dangle from nooks and crannies while antique windows with peeling paint hang amidst silk roses and hydrangeas. Doilies and old-fashioned hats strung about like a kaleidoscope with purpose. The … Continue reading

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Just a Mom

We hear it whispered around the edges of circles. Hushed voices not quite escaping our ears. Desperate to ignore its sting, we try to stand straight while wanting to slump into the shadows. That woman? The one hunched in the … Continue reading

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Favorites February…The Mommy Wars

Tonight is the last edition of Favorites February. Please take the time to read the rewrite of one of my readers’ most popular posts: Mommy Wars. This is a lesson I continue to learn and relearn and learn again.  As … Continue reading

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