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Dear Mom. I Get it Now…

In honor of my Momma’s birthday and her steadfast love. I get it now. I understand why you never had new clothes or pretty jewels. It makes sense that you didn’t have a fancy car or a passport full of … Continue reading

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Why Mommas Need Each Other

Last night I sat at dinner with an incredible group of blogging mommas. Intelligent. Hard-working. Funny. Strong. Beautiful. As we enjoyed delicious offerings the stories swirled. We talked about everything and our children were always part of the conversation. Their … Continue reading

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When Mommas Lose It

I hit the wall. My daughter, Ella, was two and I slammed my palm into dry wall. To keep myself from doing the unthinkable, I put a hole in the wall of my hallway. With my hand. She had screamed … Continue reading

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Relinquishing My Inner Control Freak One Small Step at a Time

I really, really, really want to write a blog-rant against high-stakes testing. That’s what I want to do. But I won’t. Not tonight. Even if you might want me too… Instead of an anger-filled outburst, I have to tell you … Continue reading

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Mom of the Year

Pink cheeks stared at me across our notched and dented kitchen table. Okay. I confess. The cheeks were fire-engine red and not the blush and bashful described by Julia Roberts in Steel Magnolias. My Court Jester was sunburned. He gets … Continue reading

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Momma. You’re a Good Mom.

For my momma. Because she’s a good mom… It’s raining outside. I hear the flood of water swept by wind slam against my window. I’m trying not to hear whiny little voices mingled with a tired husband’s deep tones from … Continue reading

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I’m This Mom

There are moments I imagine myself as the momma with everything held together in a neat little bow. You know—the one not falling apart at the seams. The one whose children breathe the word routine. The one who remembers appointments. … Continue reading

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