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What You Need to Know About Labels

Say what you want about zoos. I have my own reservations about many. But while visiting my dear friends Bree and Lynn this past week in Dallas, my kids and I finally sank into the bliss of summer at a … Continue reading

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Learning to Love My Neighbor

I have a friend named Candiss. Let me tell you—this southern gal is gorgeous. I mean, Miss America ain’t got nothin’ on her. Right now she’s dying as she’s reading this. (Sorry, friend. Well, kind of…) You want to know … Continue reading

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I’ll Walk With You

Today my friend, Katelyn, will marry her Prince Andrew. She asked me last summer to write something for their wedding. Their story is like so many of ours–boy meets girl. And yet? So very different. Because it’s their story. This … Continue reading

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I Need You to Fight for My Students

I sat in the corner of the coffee shop swirling my raspberry mocha, waiting for it to cool. Looking up, I was greeted by a familiar face. A former student who held a piece of my heart. He had graduated … Continue reading

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When Love Should Move Us

The one-room home fashioned from cardboard and junkyard scraps was dim—all shadows. The only light came from cracks where a metal roof met flimsy walls. My clean tennis shoes scuffed the hard-packed dirt floor. Little more than a shelter, a … Continue reading

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Because Teens are Incredible Humans

He’s the kind of teenager you might side-step to avoid. The rough-around-the-edges sort. The one you may think will amount to nothing. He was a student of mine last year. This week he walked into my classroom as the weariness … Continue reading

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When You Think You’re Not Enough…

Back and forth. Back and forth. The slow creak of our rocker strains under the weight of sleepy eyes. Just a little longer and… Little boy fingers reach up and pat my face. His tiny voice breaks the stillness. Mommy. … Continue reading

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When Love Pushes Judgment Out and Insecurities Fade

Sometimes I stare a beautiful women with my nose turned up in the air–desperate. Looking. Narrowing my eyes to find the flaws. My own insecurities at their height, I’m secretly satisfied when imperfection is found. Then I’m embarrassed. Mortified by … Continue reading

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When the Fairy Tale is Different Than You Imagined

Fifteen years. Fifteen years, and he still brings me coffee. Every morning. Fifteen years ago I married Prince Charming. Diaper changing, dinner cooking, laundry folding Prince Charming. But no one is perfect, including me. Neither are relationships. Fifteen years ago, … Continue reading

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Failure is Not an Option

More often than not, I fail as a mom. Sometimes countless times in a day, playing out a much different version of Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s poem, “How do I Love Thee?” Instead, my life as a parent could be titled, … Continue reading

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