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When Love Should Move Us

The one-room home fashioned from cardboard and junkyard scraps was dim—all shadows. The only light came from cracks where a metal roof met flimsy walls. My clean tennis shoes scuffed the hard-packed dirt floor. Little more than a shelter, a … Continue reading

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When Love Pushes Judgment Out and Insecurities Fade

Sometimes I stare a beautiful women with my nose turned up in the air–desperate. Looking. Narrowing my eyes to find the flaws. My own insecurities at their height, I’m secretly satisfied when imperfection is found. Then I’m embarrassed. Mortified by … Continue reading

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The Mommy Wars

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. I can’t remember when I first knew this childhood chant was the most ridiculously wrong statement ever spoken, but I can tell you this—I did fully realize … Continue reading

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