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When We Can’t Make Christmas Perfect

Prince Charming plugged in our Christmas lights two days ago. Yep. That’s all he had to do. Plug them into the outlet. Why? Because they were still draped on the house from last year. That’s right. We’re those neighbors… But … Continue reading

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How to Hold Tight to Christmas

A letter to my Princess and my Court Jester because Christmas is not just another day… Dearest Children, Christmas pulls you in, all wide-eyed and giddy with its lights and colors and sounds. Red bows taunt tiny fingers. You ache … Continue reading

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The Thanksgiving Rooted in Grace

I’ll never forget the scene burned into my memory. Our driver slowed to a crawl as we traveled down the South African mountains on the way to the Eastern Cape. A truck filled with kernels of corn had overturned. From my … Continue reading

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When You Need a Do-Over

Some days I just need a do-over. A can-I-take-it-back kind of day. Days when the mommy guilt rubs my heart raw. I’m exposed, bleeding from expectations I set, yet can never meet. And if I’m honest, right now I need … Continue reading

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Seeing Joy

“Ella! Ella!” his little voice yelled across the yard. “Look! Look at me!” Caleb stood in the green blades watching his sister in the neighbor’s driveway. She waved a hand, gave a quick glance over, and then continued playing with … Continue reading

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When Love Pushes Judgment Out and Insecurities Fade

Sometimes I stare a beautiful women with my nose turned up in the air–desperate. Looking. Narrowing my eyes to find the flaws. My own insecurities at their height, I’m secretly satisfied when imperfection is found. Then I’m embarrassed. Mortified by … Continue reading

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I’m This Mom

There are moments I imagine myself as the momma with everything held together in a neat little bow. You know—the one not falling apart at the seams. The one whose children breathe the word routine. The one who remembers appointments. … Continue reading

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We Wear the Masks

I remember trips to the New Orleans French Quarter as a teen and then a seminary student. Amidst the street performers, beignets, and the Mississippi steamboats, table after table lined up the Quarter with merchants selling their wares. Each time, … Continue reading

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Waiting for Joy

Joy can vanish. It takes but a word or two. Words that lock our hearts, telling us joy will never be felt again. Words that grip-hard our souls promising to twist and bend until pain turns numb. Words like: Terminal. … Continue reading

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Ho-Hum, Blah, To and From Days

Crowds of tourists with fanny packs, flip-flops and sunglasses. The Florida sun beat upon my nose, leaving its lobster-like stain on my pale skin. The Mouse House beckoned, and we answered Mickey’s call. Who could resist a free day at … Continue reading

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