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Going to Church can be Hard for Me

Sundays are hard. The alarm goes off, and I snooze for far too long. I don’t want to get up. Not because I’m tired (I am). Not because I love sleep (I really don’t.) Not because my bed is warm … Continue reading

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Searching for Christmas

A quick glance over my last several posts may look like I’m in a funk. A dip. A low. That may be true, but I think it’s more. I think it reveals a search. A search for Christmas. A search … Continue reading

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An Imperfectly Perfect Christmas

We try to make it perfect, this Christmas season. We want beautiful decorations, painted-delightfully cookies, and low stress. We want to be givers of the best gifts evers. But it rarely turns out that way. I have a list. A … Continue reading

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Why I Need People

I’m an introvert. Surprising for some. For those closest to my heart—they’re smiling. I have a habit of withdrawing from humanity. Necessary at times to restore my soul. The quiet awakens my spirit. I need to be alone. It’s easy … Continue reading

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The Test Does Not Define You

So. Tomorrow you will take a test. Bubbling in A or B and sometimes E. Writing essays until your fingers cramp. It will be the test. The one we’ve prepared for by reading and writing and thinking and straining. And … Continue reading

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What it Means to Fit Your Dream in When You Can

So. I was sitting in Starbucks with a fellow blogger. How fun is that!? Enjoying a delicious iced (‘cause it’s Florida) upside-down hazelnut macchiato with a pump of mocha. A bit over-the-top, I know. But try it. It’s like Nutella … Continue reading

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When Cracked Souls Need an Empty Tomb

The truth is, sometimes we’re broken, and we don’t even know it. Sometimes we’re broken, and walking one more step is too hard to bear. Or the world ignores our pain. Or we wonder if we can make it just … Continue reading

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He Will Never Leave You

Oh, friends. Can you feel the heavy deep breath? Do you sometimes turn around and weeks have gone by? Lately, I feel time slipping through my fingertips. It’s a busy, chaotic life. A life I love. But it’s still crazy … Continue reading

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Getting From One Hard Day to the Next

From the Archives…Because today? This past week? I needed the gentle reminding of His whisper. Crowds of tourists with fanny packs, flip-flops and sunglasses. The Florida sun beat upon my nose, leaving its lobster-like stain on my pale skin. The … Continue reading

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FInding Joy in January

My sweet neighbor left bags of oranges on my front doorstep. I sighed. Because if I don’t squeeze them, they’ll be rotten in a week. More work. Another tedious task to add to my list. Making beds. Folding laundry. Emptying … Continue reading

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