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Not My Jesus

Something different. A spoken word. Because I want you to hear my heart… A very special thank you to my good friend, James Wells and my former student, Alex Bernson and Savannah Hedglin for giving up their time and talents … Continue reading

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When I’m Tired of New Year’s Resolutions

New Year: New You. And all that jazz. I’m not one for listing New Year’s Resolutions. Partly because I fail. Every time. And who likes to set themselves up for failure? And failing is exhausting. Instead, for the last several … Continue reading

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When Your Christmas is Tired

Our Ella was four when we bought her the nativity. Painted genuine with muted colors. Rugged, durable, real—beautiful. It wasn’t a cartooned toy, and it was perfect for her. Perfect for her tiny hands to carry the baby Jesus, to … Continue reading

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When I’m Angry At God

Our argument was over nothing really. He had refused to quiet down so I could read his two bedtime books—always two books, every night. But on this stormy evening he lost the privilege because he couldn’t be obedient, and too … Continue reading

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When I Remember the Important

My Court Jester sits close with a tablet in hand watching some new version of Frosty, which is fine by me since the original always kinda freaked me out. Or was it Rudolph? The Princess is dancing her tippy toes … Continue reading

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Why God Whispers

You know that weight? When your world squeezes tight and leaves you gasping for air. In and out. In and out. When you feel like you can take one more single step. You’re not in the depths of depression. You’ve … Continue reading

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Because You Matter

It was ages ago. I was in the throws of a hellish middle school experience. A brushed-out perm, pink 80s glasses, and extra fluff around the middle don’t get a kid far at 13. It should also be said that … Continue reading

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Loving Real In Our Mess

It was slimy. Shallow water mixed with humid air. Tadpoles and minnows filled the tiny almost-creek that was more muck and yuck than clear water. Perfect for a four year old boy. For me too. The Court Jester and I … Continue reading

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Why We Need Restoration

Summer clouds are black and heavy with rain. Waiting. Waiting to release torrents onto parched ground. I feel like the ground sometimes. Waiting to fill my soul with the cool waters of renewal and the restoration they bring. As a … Continue reading

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Learning to Love My Neighbor

I have a friend named Candiss. Let me tell you—this southern gal is gorgeous. I mean, Miss America ain’t got nothin’ on her. Right now she’s dying as she’s reading this. (Sorry, friend. Well, kind of…) You want to know … Continue reading

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