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On Weeding and Invitations of Grace

As a little girl, when given the choice, I was quick to volunteer for yard work chores over housework. If Mom and Dad both needed help, sure as shootin’ I’d be knee deep in mud and weeds before Mom could … Continue reading

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When You Wonder if You Did Enough

My classroom is quiet. Today was the last day of the school year, and I’m sorting through papers and materials—attempting to save only what is necessary. But I hold on tight because what if. What if I need it next year? Or … Continue reading

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Grace for the Overwhelmed

Overwhelmed. This word. I know it well. Staring at the blank canvas of a computer screen, day after day. No words. Dust bunnies dance under tables and in corners—taunting me. Relationships I’m failing to invest in the way I should. … Continue reading

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When Motherhood is Desperate for Grace

I’ve been clutching the edge the past two days. Edge of sanity. Edge of anger. Edge of depression. My words haven’t been kind. My actions have spoken even louder. So today I was going to get it right. My daughter’s … Continue reading

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When Grace Makes Banana Muffins

The bananas were black, wrinkled, rotten. Both children turned up collective crinkled noses. Ew. Those are gross! And then I suggested muffins. I love to bake. Or maybe I just enjoy the results. Most Saturday mornings you will find me in … Continue reading

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Because Teens are Incredible Humans

He’s the kind of teenager you might side-step to avoid. The rough-around-the-edges sort. The one you may think will amount to nothing. He was a student of mine last year. This week he walked into my classroom as the weariness … Continue reading

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When You Think You’re Not Enough…

Back and forth. Back and forth. The slow creak of our rocker strains under the weight of sleepy eyes. Just a little longer and… Little boy fingers reach up and pat my face. His tiny voice breaks the stillness. Mommy. … Continue reading

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What I Want the Parents of My Students to Know

My refrigerator holds a list. Summer to-dos. Almost 20 items needing attention before school begins. Important things. Things like: Sort through financial records. Write my AP syllabus and book proposal. Take down Christmas lights (wish I was kidding about that … Continue reading

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Oceans of Grace

Seventeen years. It took seventeen years for me to be obedient. Seventeen years to ask for forgiveness. Seventeen years is a long time. A long time for bitterness to grow. I had wronged her. My friend. My roommate. My sorority … Continue reading

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My Mommy Confession

Lean in close. Closer. I have a secret. Even my thoughts whisper in my head as I ready myself to share it with you. Shhh. Are you ready? I’m not. My fingers lightly tap the keyboard, unwilling to breathe reality … Continue reading

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