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The World is Not Enough

College. The word alone elicits a vast array of images for me. Fall Saturdays spent getting ready for football games with my sorority sisters. My own smallness in a big, big world realized. Campus walks witnessing the stain-glassed landscape of … Continue reading

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God Speaks

Just a few nights ago at dinner Ella, now eight, asked, “Mom, how do you hear God’s voice?” In the seconds that ticked by before I answered, I was immediately transported back in time. Ella and I were climbing back … Continue reading

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It’s No Magic Wand…

More times than I care to think about in the last week I have wanted a magic wand. I have desperately wished for one. If only I could be the Fairy Godmother for a day. Oh, how I would use … Continue reading

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The Beauty Contest

This morning I was mindlessly rolling through Facebook and came across the post of a former student and high school senior. What I saw has truly given me pause. She posted a picture of herself from her preschool years with … Continue reading

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A Time to Dance

Since my daughter could walk, she has danced. I can remember taking Ella to special events at church during her preschool years. As soon as the music began, she would literally dance in the aisles. Being part of a Southern … Continue reading

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The Audience of One

Lately, I’ve been asking myself the question: Would I still write if no one was there to read the words I sometimes painfully produce? What if no one else reads this blog? Even deeper still, what if I only wrote for … Continue reading

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Sweet Freedom

Mommy Confession: I am not a scrapbooker. There. I said it. Take a deep breath and move forward. I have friends that scrapbook. They perfectly catalogue every moment of their families’ lives with beauty and creativity. The books are gorgeous. … Continue reading

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Temper Tantrums

BAM! I have many issues with this particular word. The first is if my students chose to begin an essay with an onomatopoeia like BAM, I would serve their heads on a proverbial platter…or at least use the red pen … Continue reading

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You are Enough…

Raising children can sometimes be incredibly discouraging. Teaching students can often be completely defeating. Ministering to others can be profoundly draining. I have often closed my eyes at night and found my thoughts creeping into those dark places. You know … Continue reading

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A New Definition of Romance

Think back to the days of your childhood. How did you imagine marriage? Really. Try to visualize what your childhood mind thought marriage would be. Can you do it? I can’t. Instead, my childhood mind pictured the courtship.  It pictured … Continue reading

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