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Fighting for Prince Charming

I can change a tire. I know how to check my oil, washer fluid, and radiator. I can jump off my car and change the battery. I spent one week of my summer as a college student reroofing a house. … Continue reading

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Mothering in the Dark

Ella and Caleb, My sweet ones. I knew all summer I’d write this letter. But now that it’s here, now that it’s time to write, I hesitate. Fear creeps in and I wonder what you’ll think of me. Because depression … Continue reading

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When We’re Tired of the Fight

Have you ever been tired of the fight? Ready to sink into the abyss without a rope? Think you cannot take this life one. more. day? The desire to give-up can weigh heavy on our souls. Exhaustion sets in and … Continue reading

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Failure is Not an Option

More often than not, I fail as a mom. Sometimes countless times in a day, playing out a much different version of Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s poem, “How do I Love Thee?” Instead, my life as a parent could be titled, … Continue reading

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Who Will Fight For You?

My son is a fighter. A you-are-wrong-the-sky-is-purple fighter. A red-faced-my-way-or-the-highway fighter. He argues and battles through his days, ready to win. Ready to stand his ground.  I’m a fighter too. As fighters, we often find ourselves in trouble because we … Continue reading

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Temper Tantrums

BAM! I have many issues with this particular word. The first is if my students chose to begin an essay with an onomatopoeia like BAM, I would serve their heads on a proverbial platter…or at least use the red pen … Continue reading

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