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When Christmas Fails Our Expectations

My first hint of danger? I found the idea on Pinterest. I’m rarely a get-crafty-with-the-kids momma. But sometimes I see something that looks easy—simple—and I think, Well, why not? With that innocent thought, I found myself late Saturday afternoon standing … Continue reading

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When We Can’t Make Christmas Perfect

Prince Charming plugged in our Christmas lights two days ago. Yep. That’s all he had to do. Plug them into the outlet. Why? Because they were still draped on the house from last year. That’s right. We’re those neighbors… But … Continue reading

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The Audience of One

Lately, I’ve been asking myself the question: Would I still write if no one was there to read the words I sometimes painfully produce? What if no one else reads this blog? Even deeper still, what if I only wrote for … Continue reading

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Sweet Freedom

Mommy Confession: I am not a scrapbooker. There. I said it. Take a deep breath and move forward. I have friends that scrapbook. They perfectly catalogue every moment of their families’ lives with beauty and creativity. The books are gorgeous. … Continue reading

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