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When Our Dreams Meet Reality

I listened as the two high school seniors began to talk about college plans. Their talk turned to questions. Dorm or Apartment? Financial aide? Majors? Waves of nostalgia flowed through my memory bank as I recounted intense life changes during … Continue reading

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What it Means to Fit Your Dream in When You Can

So. I was sitting in Starbucks with a fellow blogger. How fun is that!? Enjoying a delicious iced (‘cause it’s Florida) upside-down hazelnut macchiato with a pump of mocha. A bit over-the-top, I know. But try it. It’s like Nutella … Continue reading

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The Mistake of Dreaming for Our Children

I choked back the words. Gulped them down and swallowed—hard. They were bitter, disappointing, careless. Words that would have only torn down. Words meant to bolster my ego. Though they never made it past my lips, I heard them. And … Continue reading

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Dreams for My Children

From the moment I understood letters created words, I soaked in the pleasure of reading. If there was a book nearby, I remained immersed in its pages. Though a bit strange, even the aroma of books and libraries instantly soothes … Continue reading

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