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On Climbing Mountains and Trudging Valleys and Maundy Thursday

Ella was four. All knobs and knees and chubby cheeks. Cute as a button and bouncy as her pigtails. We were visiting her aunt in Atlanta—doing the tourist thing. There’s a mountain in Atlanta. Mount Kennesaw. Granted, it can’t compare … Continue reading

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Because Sunday Always Comes

Today, Love was crucified. Today, Hope was buried. Today, Light was shut in a tomb. Grandma always said the sun hides its face behind a darkened cloud at some point on Good Friday afternoon. As if nature still remembers the … Continue reading

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When the Answer’s No

Caleb, no you may not climb into the refrigerator. Caleb, no you may not hit your sister with the sword. Caleb, no you may not ride the dog like a horse. Caleb, I said no. I said no. Caleb. I. … Continue reading

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