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Because Our Echoes and Voices Matter

Have you ever stood at the edge of a cliff and shouted just to hear the echo reverb, bouncing back to your ears? My childhood best friend, knower of my teenage heart, and I share a memory of echoes. There … Continue reading

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When You Need to Move Forward

I don’t handle change well. Does anyone? Over the last two weeks Prince Charming and I packed up our home of 14 years. We scrubbed dirt and relived memories. We kept with the daily and added it to the moving … Continue reading

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When You Need a Cure For Withering

We drove to the ballet studio, chatting away. In a moment my wedding dress filled our girl talk. Your little girl wedding dreams glowing on your face. As you stepped out of the car, and I watched you walk away, … Continue reading

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Because You Matter

It was ages ago. I was in the throws of a hellish middle school experience. A brushed-out perm, pink 80s glasses, and extra fluff around the middle don’t get a kid far at 13. It should also be said that … Continue reading

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When We Need to be Ready to Fight Giants

Do you ever wish you were someone else? The phrase I wish I was more like… floats through my thoughts. I pick at it. Hold it. Some days I clutch at the words, grasping to be someone I’m not. I … Continue reading

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What You Need to Know About Labels

Say what you want about zoos. I have my own reservations about many. But while visiting my dear friends Bree and Lynn this past week in Dallas, my kids and I finally sank into the bliss of summer at a … Continue reading

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When Love Pushes Judgment Out and Insecurities Fade

Sometimes I stare a beautiful women with my nose turned up in the air–desperate. Looking. Narrowing my eyes to find the flaws. My own insecurities at their height, I’m secretly satisfied when imperfection is found. Then I’m embarrassed. Mortified by … Continue reading

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Rediscovering Romance

Not quite Favorites February…But rather a completely new look at an old blog, “A New Definition of Romance.“ Dinged. Scratched. Worn. Cherished. The rings slipped onto fingers when we promised strong vows show their years. So do we. Prince Charming … Continue reading

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Journey of Joy

Ornaments gently wrapped. Nativities lovingly stored. Lights carefully packed. My heart tightens as Christmas becomes a memory. Winter sets in and harsh winds blow. The New Year is always difficult for me to bear. Depression seems to loom during the … Continue reading

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Beautiful Tapestries

My daughter began to learn a valuable lesson last week. It is a lesson she will process the whole of her life. I know this to be true because I continue to struggle with the same deep message… We arrived … Continue reading

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