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On the Worry of Raising Children Well

Yeah…so I thought I was going to write a word or two on gratitude. But instead the still small Voice led me to this…And well? My Thanksgiving for the peace it gives my heart? A humble gratefulness. Thanksgiving approaches, slipping … Continue reading

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When Mommas Lose It

I hit the wall. My daughter, Ella, was two and I slammed my palm into dry wall. To keep myself from doing the unthinkable, I put a hole in the wall of my hallway. With my hand. She had screamed … Continue reading

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Letting My Kids Fail

Spring of my eighth grade year. Cheerleading tryouts. I wasn’t athletic. My hand-eye coordination was iffy. And learning steps to a routine? Forget about it. But I tried out anyway. Looking back, I marvel at my confidence. I mean my … Continue reading

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Because Motherhood isn’t Glamorous

Hey Momma. I know. I know those tired eyes and that sleepy soul. I see the dirt smudges on your knees from crawling through the playground tunnel. I hear the sigh you didn’t heave after changing your second diaper in … Continue reading

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Relinquishing My Inner Control Freak One Small Step at a Time

I really, really, really want to write a blog-rant against high-stakes testing. That’s what I want to do. But I won’t. Not tonight. Even if you might want me too… Instead of an anger-filled outburst, I have to tell you … Continue reading

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Learning to Have Fun With My Kids

It’s been a long week. Friday afternoon and I’m toast. Drained by the voices of more than 160 students, all I want is a hot bath, a good book, and some soft jazz in the background. But motherhood interrupted my … Continue reading

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The Mistake of Dreaming for Our Children

I choked back the words. Gulped them down and swallowed—hard. They were bitter, disappointing, careless. Words that would have only torn down. Words meant to bolster my ego. Though they never made it past my lips, I heard them. And … Continue reading

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Lessons Worth Writing Down

Mrs. Iseminger she whispered at my classroom door. Can you email my mom? Please tell her I was in class yesterday. She doesn’t believe me. She never believes me. It doesn’t matter how good I am. And my heart shattered … Continue reading

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Because It’s a Gift

“Ladies, my list for having children is super short, while the reasons not to have them grows by the minute,” a young teacher laughed. My colleagues and I had been dredging up narratives of the terrible twos and the terrifying … Continue reading

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Dreams for My Children

From the moment I understood letters created words, I soaked in the pleasure of reading. If there was a book nearby, I remained immersed in its pages. Though a bit strange, even the aroma of books and libraries instantly soothes … Continue reading

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