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When Christmas Sees Us

One after the other. Page after page. I read their answers to my question. It was a simple question. Who really sees you? Their answers? Nobody really sees me. I don’t have any true friends that would come to my … Continue reading

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A Dreary Day, Two Eagles, and an Election

Today was the damp and dreary kind. The kind that tempts with cozy socks and hot chocolate and Jane Austen. But there’s the job and the motherhood and the housekeeping. Sigh… I know I’ve been quiet. In the last several … Continue reading

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To the Momma Who Works Outside the Home

Last night I broke. I’ve been fragile lately, because we all get that way sometimes. The normal chaos of life has been compounded by a move across town. Packing and sick children and wrapping of memories and car pools and … Continue reading

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When Cracked Souls Need an Empty Tomb

The truth is, sometimes we’re broken, and we don’t even know it. Sometimes we’re broken, and walking one more step is too hard to bear. Or the world ignores our pain. Or we wonder if we can make it just … Continue reading

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I Need You to Fight for My Students

I sat in the corner of the coffee shop swirling my raspberry mocha, waiting for it to cool. Looking up, I was greeted by a familiar face. A former student who held a piece of my heart. He had graduated … Continue reading

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What to do When We’re Broken

Stress has been beating me into a bloody mess in recent weeks. Children—0; Flu—2. A tenth birthday party. A dog with fleas. A dancing daughter with another foot injury. The passing of a precious aunt, and I still can’t begin … Continue reading

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Why Christmas is for the Broken

My three-year old whirlwind came barreling into my bathroom, panic stricken. Mommy! Mommy! I can’t find it. I can’t find the wheels. I so sorry. I so sorry I broke it. Chubby fingers revealed the broken portion of a Christmas … Continue reading

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Beauty in the Broken

They’re broken. Fragments of what were once beautiful. The pieces fill my daughter’s bucket, along with sand and seawater. She’s collecting shells. Old enough to discern the difference between shells worth keeping and those needing to be tossed aside, my … Continue reading

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Favorites February…Learning to Dance

In preparation for a writer’s conference at the end of this February, I will be posting some of your favorite blogs and some of mine. Today’s blog, Learning to Dance, is a revised version of A Time to Dance. Please … Continue reading

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A Time to Dance

Since my daughter could walk, she has danced. I can remember taking Ella to special events at church during her preschool years. As soon as the music began, she would literally dance in the aisles. Being part of a Southern … Continue reading

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