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Being Real is Always Beautiful

How can two weeks go by so quickly? I wish the speed of my days might just slow, just slip into a pace I can manage. But no. I realized as last week shuddered and sputtered to its end, I failed to … Continue reading

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I’d Be Beautiful If…

I’d be beautiful if. If I was taller. If I was thinner. If my hair had less gray. If my eyes were green. If my nose lost its bump. If my boobs were…if. if. if. I look into the mirror … Continue reading

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Favorites February…The Mommy Wars

Tonight is the last edition of Favorites February. Please take the time to read the rewrite of one of my readers’ most popular posts: Mommy Wars. This is a lesson I continue to learn and relearn and learn again.  As … Continue reading

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The Heart of Beauty

Not quite Favorites February…But rather a completely new look at an old blog, “The Beauty Contest“ When life wasn’t a beauty contest. This was her post. A former student remembering her preschool years. When life wasn’t a beauty contest… Can … Continue reading

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Notice Me

“Nobody puts Baby in a corner.” Seriously, one of the best movie lines—Ever. I remember watching the movie Dirty Dancing for the first time as a young teen at a slumber party. To this day, a song from the soundtrack will … Continue reading

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The Beauty Contest

This morning I was mindlessly rolling through Facebook and came across the post of a former student and high school senior. What I saw has truly given me pause. She posted a picture of herself from her preschool years with … Continue reading

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You are Enough…

Raising children can sometimes be incredibly discouraging. Teaching students can often be completely defeating. Ministering to others can be profoundly draining. I have often closed my eyes at night and found my thoughts creeping into those dark places. You know … Continue reading

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