He Will Never Leave You

Oh, friends. Can you feel the heavy deep breath? Do you sometimes turn around and weeks have gone by? Lately, I feel time slipping through my fingertips. It’s a busy, chaotic life. A life I love. But it’s still crazy and treading water in the deep end drains the energy from every piece and part of me.

But in the midst of the last few weeks, there have been profound moments. Moments I felt as if God lifted me in His arms and whispered directly in my ear.

And really? I couldn’t wait for a polished blog to tell you about one beautiful moment.

It didn’t begin beautifully. The Court Jester has been testing his boundaries. More than usual. Potty talk has infiltrated our lives with gorgeous phrases like, “poop on your face.”

Sigh…really? Who comes up with this stuff?

Caleb is also learning the very hard lesson that funny should never come at the expense of a person’s feelings. Has anyone else tried teaching this to a four year old successfully? I’m all ears.

Caleb's Four!DSC_0532DSC_0521Held

We were headed to the grocery story after a long day of work for me, preschool for him. He was mean and nasty the whole way there. The whole way. We pulled into the space and I finally said, “If you can’t speak nice to mommy, I’m leaving you in the car.” Because I’m that mom.

And because I’m that mom, I got out of the car and walked about 10 steps away. Far enough he should have been scared. (Okay. I know. Not my best moment, but I’ve already lost the Mom of the Year trophy. In my defense, I wasn’t actually going to leave him.)

I turned around to see my boy, my funny, sweet little boy with a huge grin on his face laughing. Really? This kid. How could I not smile at him? I walked back to the car and opened the door.

As I unbuckled his car seat, he giggled out the words, “You would never leave me.”

I scooped him up in my arm laughing, “You’re right. I would never leave you.”

That’s when I knew.

While I stood holding Caleb with his soft arms around my neck, I knew.

I knew my Jesus would never leave me.

And He won’t. He won’t leave you either.

Whether it’s potty talk from the back seat or leaving your kid in the car as you walk off or something far worse in your mind, our Savior is steadfast and true—even when we aren’t. Once your heart belongs to the Creator of Heaven and Earth, He’s always there. Always.

Peace resides in knowing this Truth—I won’t leave my children. God won’t leave His.

And I couldn’t leave today alone without whispering that wonderful news in your ear.

“Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.
Deuteronomy 31:6

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7 Responses to He Will Never Leave You

  1. gail matthews says:

    Perfectly what I needed to hear, as usual. Thank you, Lord, for Heather’s gift!

  2. Mary T says:

    What a beautiful way to end my day! Remembering Jesus is Nevi d me, by my side, and going before me…always with me! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Mary T says:

    Meant to type behind me…lol!

  4. Cheryl Williams says:

    A wonderful encouragement. Thank you!

  5. Praise God He will never, never leave us

  6. Lynda says:

    Thanks for the beautiful reminder that indeed, He will never leave us. Grace, love & peace my Sister-in-Christ.

  7. Liz says:

    Awesome, dudette. You hit this one out of the ball park.