Remembering Your God-Sized Dreams

There once was a little girl. She had a Jesus-love down deep to her knobby knees. She couldn’t get enough of singing “This Little Light of Mine” and reading Exodus for fun.

When she was 10 and away at camp, God asked her to help change the world. And she beamed with Light. Visions of Africa danced in her head.

Then life happened. Somewhere between little girl dreams and big girl realities, she lost herself.

Because wiping crumbs off tables and snot off noses buried her. The jolt of the morning alarm and the crusty dishes from last night were just the way the story went. The endless car pools and dust-lined shelves made her forget.

She forgot who she was. She forgot her God-sized dreams. She forgot herself…

Thrilled to be sharing over at LifeWay today. I’d love for you to read more, so please click on over there. Have a beautiful day, my friends!

March LifeWay Blog

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