Seeing Joy

“Ella! Ella!” his little voice yelled across the yard. “Look! Look at me!” Caleb stood in the green blades watching his sister in the neighbor’s driveway. She waved a hand, gave a quick glance over, and then continued playing with her friend—ignoring his small voice.

My baby boy’s face fell. His sister never really saw him. She looked his way, but she never really saw him.

With shoulders sagging, Caleb walked back over to continue helping his daddy and me as we washed windows. Windows dirty with film and grime. Windows keeping us from seeing the sky clear to it magnificent blue.

I scrubbed and sprayed with sweat beading across my forehead, spying the boy quiet and drawing chalk figures on the concrete. His features telling the story.  A broken heart, and me cleaning windows so I can see.

Washing Windows

And I saw.

I saw the heart of my Jesus when I refuse to see Him. And I wonder how often He calls out to me from the depths of my busy, of my chaos.

How often do I ignore His call? His declarations of love? How often does He put joy right before my eyes, and I refuse to even glance His way?

Am I so concerned with what is right before my eyes that I fail to see the Creator beckon me? Especially when life is screaming at me with its demands.

But Joy is right in front of me. Standing with His hand held out like a gentleman. Whispering Look! Look at me!

And so I begin to look…

I sit typing as my sweet girl struggles through knotting a friendship bracelet. Start and stop. Start and stop. Knot and unknot. She apologizes for interrupting. Interrupting?

No sweet girl. This is joy. Sitting. Enjoying your company. Watching you fight without giving up. Listening to Jamie Grace’s God’s Girl on your CD player. This is joy.

Knotting FriendshipDSC_0266DSC_0260

Joy in the mundane. Joy in the madness. Joy in the stressful. Clearly seeing this joy means I need to look up. Look up and see the Joy-Giver standing, beckoning me to see Him. To clean the grime from the windows of my soul and look to Him.

He offers joy in moments when I’m too busy to notice. But if I gaze through the clear glass windows of His world? Joy is everywhere.

I need only stop a moment, look up from the crazy, and there He is. Because ignoring Him, ignoring His call, only deepens my stress, increases my chaos. But when I choose to stop and really see Him?

Joy. Pure Joy.

Joy etched in the faces of my children. Painted clear blue across the sky. Blowing the fall breeze across my skin. Heard in the patter across our floors in the early morning. Felt in the dirty rock handed over by chubby boy-fingers. Seen in crinkled smile of my husband.

Joy is everywhere. I can choose to see it. And I see it when I choose to see the Joy-Giver.

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8 Responses to Seeing Joy

  1. Pam says:

    So beautiful and so very true. Think I will take a walk and look for evidence of the Joy-Giver. Thanks so much!

  2. Barbaqra says:

    WOW. Just this morning, my friends and I were talking about doing our chores and not making time for Jesus even when our hearts and minds know that time for Jesus first always leaves time for anything else we need to do. This is so sweet and so simple. Think I’ll call someone and seek the joy in their voice.

  3. Gail Matthews says:

    Thank you, Heather. I needed this today.

  4. Brandy Currie says:

    Yes !! Joy in the 100’s of “Mom, Mama, Mom” YES? I love you-
    Yes, I love you two. I think I must hear this from half of my children, 100’s of times a day. Reading this reminds me to never take that for granted. What a blessing our children are !!

  5. Anonymous says:

    God sure knows when you need something to lift you up. After a hard weekend with business, and the death of two relatives and one church member, reading this beautiful exposition was so uplifting. Thank you and God bless.

    John S

  6. angel says:

    I eagerly await your post because every single one of them are gentle reminders, to help me be a better lady. Thank you for allowing Jesus to speak thru you and reminding me that the Lord sees me and that I need to see my little ones too. Great blessings you share. Hugs.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Wonderful! What a great reminder to look up and see what amazing things God has for us. You bring me joy my precious daughter. Love mom

  8. Zelma Dodd says:

    A good word in the right season. Thank you for reminding us what is important.