Who Will Fight For You?

My son is a fighter. A you-are-wrong-the-sky-is-purple fighter. A red-faced-my-way-or-the-highway fighter. He argues and battles through his days, ready to win. Ready to stand his ground.

 I’m a fighter too. As fighters, we often find ourselves in trouble because we choose the wrong battles. Caleb spends much of his day in time-out for the skirmishes he selects. I can relate to my son. But while waging war in unnecessary battles is senseless, having a will to fight can be a powerful force.

We fight disease. Combat the horrors of evil. Attack those who would destroy the innocent. Push back against the wrongs of society. Claw our way out of depression. Strive to do what is right. Battle our past. War against slavery. Whatever dark force it is—we are made to fight it.

And the fight often leaves us feeling alone. But we were never meant to war on our own. In fact, sometimes the fight is so great, so enormous, God offers to take over. He whispers in our ear I will fight for you. Be silent. Be still. I am God.

Imagine for a moment life as a Hebrew slave. You have just been handed your freedom and are following Moses out of Egypt. Everything you own is either on your back, or in a dilapidated cart. It doesn’t matter. You sense a faint whisper of freedom.

The hope doesn’t last long. Pharaoh changes his mind and orders the Egyptian army, chariots and all, to enslave you once more. You realize this is not a fight for which you are prepared. You lack the strength. You lack the skills. You may even lack the heart.

Imagine the fear. The panic. The guttural moans from the deep places where darkness lurks. And then you hear words uttered by Moses—words which change the course of your history. “The Lord will fight for you. You must be quiet.”

Your heart stills as a miracle unfolds. You marvel while walking through the Red Sea on dry ground, walls of water held up on either side. Where Hebrew feet safely trod, pounding waves swallow the enemy whole.

There are fights in this life we will never win if we battle alone. If we try, we may miss the miracles waiting to be displayed before our eyes. There are some wars God offers to fight with us.

There are some He will fight for us.

Who Will Fight For You?

These are the battles for which we quiet our souls and steady our hearts. He asks for our silence as He wages against them. He holds us tight, safe within His armor, and slings His sword.

What battles exist in your world? Are you allowing the Creator to fight for you?

The Lord will fight for you. You must be quiet.
The Lord will fight for you. You must be quiet.

The Lord will fight for you. You must be quiet.
Exodus 14:14


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