You Are Worth It

A few years ago, I was embroiled in a battle with the parent of one of my students. I received several nasty emails from the mom, who only heard the one-sided tale of her daughter.

With teeth tightly clinched and tongue in pain from biting it so hard, I prepared to finally give this parent a piece of my mind. Anger welled up inside of me, ready to explode in the form of an email.

That’s when I heard His still small voice, which at that particular moment was not so small. This is what He whispered—okay, shouted—in my ear: I died the same death for her too.

My pride crumbled. It lay in a heap on my classroom floor. Humility rushed in, and I was undone by the remarkable understanding of the cross.

Jesus died the same death for each and every one of us.

Christ suffered the same torture for all of His creation. His pain was not greater for me than anyone else. Translation—His love for me was the exact same, the exact same, as for every other human being. Every. Single. One.

Hits you between the eyes, doesn’t it? It sure smacked me. At the time, God’s voice taught me to see His children through His eyes, no matter how angry they may make me. But lately, He has used this same experience to teach me something deeper still.

Have you ever wondered, Am I worth it?

We are women. Of course we have contemplated whether or not we are worth fighting for. Loving. Protecting. Our insecurities rear their hideous heads and cause us to discount our value and our worth. Our sinful natures only add salt to this wound of insignificance.

How can God love me when I yell at my children the way I do?
How can God love me when I am divorced?
How can God love me when I had an abortion?
How can God love me when I am addicted to alcohol, drugs, sex, food?
How can God love me when I always screw up?
How can God love me when I don’t trust Him?
How can God love me when…? You fill in the blank

These are questions we all secretly ask in the treacherous shadows of our souls. These are the lies we tell ourselves. The destroyer uses them to distract us from the power of Calvary. His lies tell us we aren’t worth the love Christ has to give.

To discount our value is to demean the power and the sacrifice of the cross. What believer would dare to look at the cross and tell Jesus face-to-face His torturous death was meaningless? No one, right?

But we do. Every day. Each time we question our worth and our significance to creation, we question the miracle of Jesus—the miracle of grace. He died to demonstrate our very worth.

For God so loved the world…Not the perfect. The world. That includes you. Me. And every other person in creation.

He didn’t suffer more for me than any other person in the world. The pain Christ faced was unimaginable, but not more or less for individual people. He didn’t suffer more for those who aren’t divorced. He didn’t suffer more for those who don’t yell at their children. He didn’t suffer more for those who never faced addiction.

Don’t believe those lies.

Believe His Truth—For God so loved the world that he gave his only son so that whoever believes in him will not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16

For God so loved the world.

You are worth the healing and the peace that comes with surrendering to His love. His love makes you worth it. Worth every piece of your being. Worth every ounce of You.

He died because you are worth it. Because of Him—You are worth it.

Can you hear Him?

You are worth it.

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One Response to You Are Worth It

  1. Liz says:

    Hard to beleive that God who knows every hair on my head can aso love me just the way I am and help me to love Him in others.