On Your Way to Work: The Teaching Paradigm

I hate the sound of my own voice. Anytime I hear myself on a recording or a video, I cringe. Do I really sound like that?

According to a friend, Christian, there’s for real scientific evidence about why our voices sound so strange to us when we hear them outside our own heads. It’s something about jaw vibrations and our inner ear and the way sound travels. My friend is super smart, so I’m taking him at his researched-word.

Not that it matters because I still shudder when I overhear my recorded voice.

Even so, I took part in my very first podcast this weekend. My friend, author and respected career mentor, Rick Whitted, is passionate about people. He is committed to helping others grow in their professional and personal lives. He has been a source of great encouragement for my own writing and teaching career.

I’m honored Rick invited me to join him in his podcast, On Your Way to Work. Today we discuss teaching and some of the current paradigms taking place in the culture of education. I’d love for you to listen into the discussion!

Please click one of the following options to join our conversation on “The Teaching Paradigm:”
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