Let My Words Be Few…

Friends…God never promises easy. And there have been times when the fear of losing my dreams has been so real, I can smell the acrid smoke and ash as flames destroy the path I was walking.

But I’m learning. The hardest times? They’re my invitation to trust. To trust in a Jesus who wants my best.

Today, I am honored and down right blown away by the invitation to be a guest on my friend Edie Melson’s blog, The Write Conversation. Join me there?

I can’t remember a time when my pencil didn’t scratch across paper or my fingers didn’t tap, tap, tap on a keyboard.

Writing is part of the air that fills my lungs and allows me to breathe. Crafting sentences into ideas is the way I express my most authentic self. I’m sure you can relate.

So what happens when God whispers, stop? 

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One Response to Let My Words Be Few…

  1. Peggy Dale says:

    Beautiful, as always! I understand a little: God told me to stop “doing.” I was active in the church, out of the church and everywhere in between. When He said “Stop,” I didn’t know if it was God or the devil playing tricks on me. But you are right, He is telling us to listen and learn from Him; for me to be the one who is helped and not the helper.
    Keep listening and learning!
    Love you, sweet Friend!