Bedtime Chaos and Some Thanksliving…

I’m sitting in the dark with my Court Jester scooted as far away from me as possible. I’ve told him no to a request, and his world has crumbled into dust.

He blames me for his own catastrophic Armageddon.

I want Daddy to put me to bed. I want Daddy to put me to bed. Over and over again from his grumbling mouth tucked beneath blankets.

He’s even put a pillow between us. Muffled and angry. Huffs of frustration and hot tears. He hasn’t gotten his way.

I’m standing my ground.

Sort of…

Does ignoring him count? I feel like I could write my own Thanksgiving version of Twas the Night Before Turkey Day…

And all through the house, not a creature was stirring. Oh wait. Can’t do that because my very own Caleb-turkey is thrashing and rolling, which definitely moves us past stirring.

Peaking over my shoulder, Caleb just asked if I put indentions in my paragraphs. (um, no?)..He’s reading my words, smiling, and snuggling close.

Just like that, the show’s over.

But even in the chaos of bed-time or the freaking out because the real turkey is still stone-cold frozen or the midnight run you make to Walmart for that one. last. thing–even in those moments, Thanksgiving is possible.

The Court Jester is now silent. His body still, and his breathing slow. The deep breath I’ve waited for all day comes.

This is the thanksliving.

Living and breathing thanks despite our frustrations, our tears, our tantrums. Because beauty surrounds when we look close.

Daily graces peek through covers and shine light into our dark nights. Gratitude for those moments shifts our eyes heavenward. Focusing our vision on the God Who Sees us in the midst of our hard, in the midst of our painful.

Learning to live out our thanks in those moments?

Joy. Pure, unadulterated joy. Joy in the midst.

And Thanksgiving comes alive. It’s no longer about a day–but about our living, breathing existence.

So this Thanksgiving I pray morning wakes fresh with gratitude in your hearts for even the smallest graces and moments of brilliant light.

Happy Thanksgiving, dear friends. Shall we journey to walk with thanksliving together?


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2 Responses to Bedtime Chaos and Some Thanksliving…

  1. Louise Sisneros says:

    The words that were written are so true. If we stop and smell the roses, we will see that we are give more than we deserve. So yes every day is a new beginning and let us be thankful for what we have . Family is important and is a gift that is given for us to cherish. So you are right we have lots to be grateful for. Louise Sisneros

  2. Marissa Hovendon says:

    I am grateful for YOU!