Using the Language Our Teens Speak

Oh, friends. It’s been too long. The too long has been caught up in the rush and busy of a new school year. I know you know. Barely catching breath and running here to there. It’s as if there are seasons when our lives become a piece of performance art for “The Flight of the Bumblebee.”

While today I’m over with my Orlando moms, there’s a piece of my a-bit-fragile heart I’ve held close this summer that I will timidly share with you in the next few days. Because I’m still here. I’m still searching for (and finding) the beautiful Joy hiding in plain site on this journey.

Until then, maybe join me at Orlando Mom’s Blog?

It’s been less than 10 years since iPhone changed our country, our culture, our world. Gone are the days of pay phones and Facebook via the desktop.

As a member of the generation with my childhood riding in cars without movie entertainment and my adulthood running pace with technology, I have welcomed many of the changes brought to us by our hand-held computers.

But then I became a mother of a middle schooler. With a phone….continue reading here.

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