Please. Don’t Correct My Kid for Using Manners

“Don’t call me sir. That’s my father. You can call me Gary*.” The sales associate looked at my twelve year old girl with a patronizing grin.

“Yes, sir. I mean…sorry.” My daughter stumbled.

My daughter, out of habit, continued to use the manners she’s been taught since infancy. The associate continued to correct her in different ways. She felt uncomfortable and embarrassed.

Momma Bear had enough. I was madder than a wet hen. “Look. It’s part of our southern roots. It’s part of what she’s been taught, and she can’t just turn-off a habit. It’s our way of demonstrating respect. She’s going to say sir,” I said with all the saccharine I could muster.

Then came the patronizing chuckle.

So, I’m over at one of my favorite places, Orlando Moms Blog, today. A little bit snarky. A little bit sarcastic. But that’s part of me too…

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