Busting the Busy Mom Myth

A few weekends ago chaos peaked. All four members of my household dove into the dirty clothes to pull out something they needed. My family walked around Saturday in stinky socks, pants, and shirts which cancels out the clean clothes they did wear.

Sunday I ignored my three favorite people, skipped church, and graded papers all day long. By the time dinner rolled around, hotdogs and tater tots are all I could muster onto paper plates. And actually, the kids ate chicken nuggets because neither likes hotdogs. (Whose kids are they anyway?) (And yes I cooked two dinners. #notashamed)

Sunday night I was awake until 11:30, squinting my way through the sewing of ribbons onto my girl’s pointe shoes for class Monday afternoon. Then I found out Monday afternoon class didn’t begin until the next week…

Yeah. So I definitely don’t have it all together. Hanging out over at one of my favorite places today. I’d love to have you click on over to Orlando Moms Blog and read more about just being real. Because we can use some real, right? Love and blessings, friends!

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One Response to Busting the Busy Mom Myth

  1. Berky says:

    Heather ,
    Thank you AGAIN! Your messages always come at the right time!!!!! Thank you for your honesty (images and all) and for openingly admitting that being a mom is such an amazing blessing and privelage yet adding work to the balance can topple over our lives more than we (working moms) would like to admit. However, like you shared: that kiss good night and knowing we are showing our kids how to live and balance life makes it all worth while!

    Keep at it! Your an amazing person!