When We’re Staring at Fear

Dear friends…a break from my break, so to speak. This happened yesterday and God wouldn’t let me go until I shared what I learned. Maybe some of you need to hear Him as I did?

Caleb and I followed the x-ray tech down the clinical hall. My Court Jester needed a CT scan to see if his chronic sinus infections are the result of golf ball-sized adenoids.

I’d prepped my baby boy for the test as much as I could and made sure he knew it wouldn’t hurt.

The tech lacked serious kid skills if you catch my meaning. No explaining and quick movements, he treated my sweet boy like just another tedious x-ray. Without any assurances or compassion, he adjusted Caleb on the table, prodding and shifting his head into just the right position.

My hackles were beginning to stand on end.

And before I knew what was happening, the tech quickly ushered me out the door and shut it in my face leaving my little baby in a big, cold room with a huge machine all alone.


I stood there in shock. And then I heard the tech loudly telling my Court Jester to “be still!”

Um? No.

Momma Bear emerged and I was quickly led back into the room—radiation exposure be danged!

As I stood over Caleb and smoothed back his hair, his little eyes filled with tears. Fear looked back at me, and my heart ached.

He had been scared and alone.

Over the next few minutes, as the tech adjusted his bedside manner, I never stopped talking to my boy. I told him over and over again how brave he was and how strong he was. By the time the scan was finished, the Court Jester was back to himself. He hopped off the table and led the way out.

He just needed to know I was there.

Our lives are filled with big, scary moments. Times we face uncaring people or unknown tests. Days when the uncertainty of tomorrow overwhelms every fiber of our being. Fear crawls up our spines and clutches our hearts. We feel alone in the dark.


But allow me to tell you—our Jesus isn’t standing behind some locked door. No. He’s never left the room. He’s right there whispering, “Be strong and courageous. I am with you wherever you go.” Again and again and again.

Four times God tells Joshua of the Israelites to “be strong and courageous.” Three times God promises Joshua, “I will be with you.” And that is just in the first chapter of the book titled Joshua.

You see, Joshua was about to lead the people of Israel into the Promised Land and into battle. Not a job I would consider fun. Fear could have consumed Joshua.

But God.

God made sure Joshua knew strength and courage were required, but God would never leave him. The Creator of the heavens and earth was always going to be right there—walking beside the Israelite leader.

When staring at our fears, we sometimes just need to be reminded our Jesus is standing right there too—standing there cheering us on. Reminding us to be brave. Reminding us we’re strong. Reminding us He’s never left our side.

Are you walking through a season of fear? Do you need more courage than you believe is possible?

Know God never left the room.

He’s whispering those same Joshua-words into your heart. Let them sink in. Allow them to bring hope. Soak in their peace.

You are never alone.

Haven’t I commanded you: be strong and courageous? Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.
Joshua 1:9

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9 Responses to When We’re Staring at Fear

  1. Lynda says:

    Well said Heather. Is our God not awesome???

  2. Jackie says:

    As usual this is perfect!

  3. Cammie says:

    So sorry. My comment posted before I could finish typing it. User error. I just wanted to say thank you for your post. Powerful words that I was meant to see. A friend needs to be reminded need of this very thing right now and I going to forward your blog to her. Blessing on you and your family. In Christ.

  4. Berky says:

    Thank YOU and your Court Jestor for the reminder. I stared at the subject heading from your email and felt a little fear to open and read because it may be too long to read BUT like the subject heading said, ‘stare at Fear’ and I opened it. Read it. Envisioned every step of the CT scan as I’ve had polyps removed too and that cold room was scary, cold, tight and lonely. But I looked fear at the face and read through this email to get the reminder ‘God is in complete control; God is right there with me; don’t be afraid!’ Just the reminder I need right now.I will not be alone; God will be there besides me; be brave and courageous (words for my entire family). Don’t be afraid; be courageous.

    Thank you for helping me lay these fears on this ‘comment’ space. It helped me STARE at fear!

  5. Emily says:

    Thank you taking the time to post. God used this post to urge me to read Joshua.

  6. I love to share your insights on Twitter and Facebook, I’m sure this message on fear will help someone today! Keep it up.

  7. Andy L. Lee says:

    You’re such a good momma! Love this and the analogy. I’m sharing, girl!