When Friendships Keep Us From Drowning

Hello friends! Technology was not my friend…My links in this post earlier this morning didn’t work. My complete user error. They should be working now, and I’d love to have you join me over at (in)courage today!

I was only ankle deep in mothering when I knew I needed saving.

Looking into the black-night eyes of my firstborn, a gift without instructions, I realized the new momma skin I was wearing would scorch under the heat of parenting without a covering or shelter.

Despite the support of my rock of a husband and the wisdom of women whose babies were grown, I felt an ache of loneliness. My arms were filled-up with the newness of life while a hollow craving sat deep.

I needed the sisterhood of those walking my same road—the same road right then.

As much as I soaked in advice and read the books and relied on my Prince Charming, I needed more…

Friends, today I can barely contain my excitement. I’m downright giddy and honored to be sharing my heart with the women of (in)courage by Dayspring. Please follow this link to finish reading how friendships tether us to the shore when life threatens to pull us under. Praying you’ll be blessed.

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2 Responses to When Friendships Keep Us From Drowning

  1. Anna Rendell says:

    Loved having you and your words on (in)courage today, Heather! Thank you!