The Sweet Mercy of Spring

Traveling down roads we’ve been on before can jar the soul. They can shudder us, shut us down. Because those road have a history—our history.

Driving through a painful past can keep us from our horizon dreams.

We get frozen on the path of our past mistakes, broken down and stranded.

On the way to an appointment the other day, I found myself driving down a backroad on my way to somewhere—a road paved with darker memories. The sun was shining and the branches of trees swayed softly. But I wasn’t thinking of the light or the wind.

I was surrounded by the haunting memories of my past.

The house-lined road with its curvy path was one I would’ve never known if not for an unhealthy relationship. A relationship I only associate with pain, secrets, and sin. A relationship leaving winter’s icy frost on my soul.

The wheels of my car were rolling steady while my heart stood still.

But then.

Then I saw the stop sign, signaling I could make a turn. A turn away from my past. And I was reminded…

Spring is here.

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Spring filters light into my soul in a way no other season can.

Leaves, hidden beneath the bark of stoic branches, unfurl their bright green hue warmed by gentle rays of the sun. Blooms burst up from the black, rich earth thawed by the rising thermometer.

This season ushers in the new. I’m so often in need of just that.

The bursting freshness of Spring, its awakening of life connects me to the deep mercy found in Easter—the cross remembered and the empty tomb celebrated.

I can’t separate the emptiness of the tomb from Spring. I need its brought-back-to-life victory because winter so often reminds me of the pain in life.

Flowers buried deep under frozen black earth. Trees stripped bare by winter’s icy wrath. Everything green is pulled into itself, hiding from dark of those cold months. I know what winter feels like. When life scars me, I want to shrink away. I look for ways to escape, ways to shelter myself from the harsh consequences and memories of my mistakes.

Guilt freezes the soul.

But the empty tomb calls me out of winter’s grasp. It thaws the glacial claw of shame clutched tight on my wrists—chaining me. It reminds me I’m not created to stay buried beneath my past. It tells me mercy is waiting to embrace me with soft blooming petals.

Spring is here.

Jesus entered earth to pave a way for humanity. To create a path through our sin, our shame, our darkest days, so we could know Him. And when we know Him?

Spring unfurls in our souls.

Newness comes to our lives.

Mercy warms the hidden, frost-withered places of our hearts.

Christ bared the raw lashing and harsh beating on His road to the cross. He stretched his arms across the rough wood of the cross. He broke forth from the cold, dark tomb. He defeated death and its icy grasp.

All of this?

To bring Easter to our lives.

When Easter bubbles in our hearts, when the mercy of its message becomes real? We can have the courage to break through the frozen layers of our hearts with the gentle rhythms of Spring.

This season reminds me I can be whole.

Sometimes I find myself traveling back down the roads of my past, living memories that stop the beat of my heart. But I don’t have to stay there. I don’t have to put on the breaks. Instead?

I can dwell in the mercy of Easter and celebrate the empty tomb.

The mercy of Easter tells me I am a new creation. I’m not doomed to repeat the frozen winters of my past. I can lift the fragrant petals of my soul to the heavens, claiming Spring is here.

The mercy of Spring is here.

To stay.

 Excited to be linking up with the amazing Suzie Eller and some other awesome women for #livefreeThursday. Join us as we explore mercy, what it means, how it can sink into our souls allowing us to breathe.


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One Response to The Sweet Mercy of Spring

  1. kristine says:

    Beautiful analogy! Yes, I’ve been down that road before, too. It’s easy to get discouraged by it, but I love how you put it- God shows us a way to turn off of that road! Thank you for these encouraging words today:)