When Love is More Than Butterflies

I wore my aunt’s veil as I walked down the church aisle at a tender twenty-two. I stared into the eyes of a man who took my face in his gentle hands as he kissed his bride.

My husband is Prince Charming. He is. But he’s not perfect. Neither am I. While he does bring me my cream-no-sugar coffee every morning, our relationship is not without its struggles.

Yeah. So Valentine’s Day has us all swoony over red roses and candle lit dinners. But love? It’s so much more…Sharing my thoughts on true romance with The Moms Magazine today. Come on over and hear my heart?

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One Response to When Love is More Than Butterflies

  1. Peggy says:

    Well said, Heather!! I am seeing so many relationships choosing not to be love. Thank you for your words and thoughts. I truly enjoy reading them!!!

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