When Wanting More Collides With Christmas

It’s Christmas. The Season of Giving. But I’m struggling. Struggling because I want.

I’ve spent the last week driving around new subdivisions. Dreaming. Houses with granite countertops and more than one kitchen drawer. Houses with more than 1000 square feet. I want a new house.

I open my closet door each morning and sigh big. I do. I have the same five pants/skirts I wear every. single. week. I dream of coordinating accessories blended perfectly with anything other than my Birks. I want beautiful clothes.

I open my email or I walk into the mall or worse yet, I stroll through Target, and I see an ocean of items I would love to drop into my shopping basket. Books? I could never have enough. Make-up and jewelry and purses, oh my! I want pretty things.

I want.

Sharing this Christmas Eve for Orlando Moms Blog. I would love for you to read more of my struggle of want by clicking here.


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