A Holiday Perfected

I have a confession to make. But before I share my shadowed secret, I want you to know—I don’t feel any guilt for what I’ve done. Not a shred. Even when my daughter looks at me with her warm chocolate eyes and her turned-down lips. Not even then.

Are you ready?

If so, I’d love for you to click on over here to The Moms Magazine where I share my hidden Christmas confession today. I know. Shameless teaser. But I can’t spoil my secret too quickly. You may or may not have the same one….

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One Response to A Holiday Perfected

  1. bree says:

    We have an elf. This makes year number six for that darned Alex the Elf. He often gets forgotten, and his mischievous deeds are few and far between. In fact, just last night he was forgotten. My sweet Claire’s response? “He must have been so comfortable in that spot that he decided to stay put!” Thankfully she takes his (our) lack of movement in stride. I have no guilt in forgetting to move him. It makes the days when he does decide to move even better. But that Advent Calendar? It doesn’t get forgotten…”tis the reason…