How to Love on Our Schools

The bell is poised to ring. The teacher breathes deep. Pencils sharpened to a perfect point and stacks of brilliant colored paper arranged in neat bins. Bulletin boards fresh and bottles of glue in tight little rows. Everything in just the right place.



Waiting for eager voices to enter with nervous laughter. A new school year stands ready to begin. Be it public, charter, or private, our nation’s schools will open their doors to millions of this year.

Millions of hurting students. And millions of exhausted teachers.

The church has an opportunity.

Blessed to be over at LifeWay today. I’d love to have you click on over there to read more about the opportunity we have in our schools.

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2 Responses to How to Love on Our Schools

  1. Tricia says:

    You have an amazing talent in your writings, not just grammatically, but emotionally. As I read each article, I’m so touched and reminded of how blessed I am to be a teacher. I thank you so much for conveying what’s in my heart. God truly shines through your blog. Keep up the tremendous job of lifting spirits.

  2. These writings are for everyone!