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What it Really Means to See Each Other

I was pulling out of a parking space, when she caught my eye. Her tired frown told the story. Kids packed tight in her minivan. Groceries loaded. With shoulders slumped, she pushed the cart to the side of the vehicle. … Continue reading

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When Friendships Keep Us From Drowning

Hello friends! Technology was not my friend…My links in this post earlier this morning didn’t work. My complete user error. They should be working now, and I’d love to have you join me over at (in)courage today! I was only … Continue reading

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Why Mommas Need Each Other

Last night I sat at dinner with an incredible group of blogging mommas. Intelligent. Hard-working. Funny. Strong. Beautiful. As we enjoyed delicious offerings the stories swirled. We talked about everything and our children were always part of the conversation. Their … Continue reading

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Loving Real In Our Mess

It was slimy. Shallow water mixed with humid air. Tadpoles and minnows filled the tiny almost-creek that was more muck and yuck than clear water. Perfect for a four year old boy. For me too. The Court Jester and I … Continue reading

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The Beautiful Thing About Sister-Friends

The bell was minutes from ringing. With the lesson complete, students sat around talking weekend plans. One young lady stood and walked over to a girl friend. I observed as she gently lifted a piece of her friend’s hair and … Continue reading

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A Cup of Friendship

It was third grade. I envied her thick, blonde hair that naturally curled under in all the right places. Her smile was bright, and her personality drew me like Starbucks on a stressful day. She was quiet when I was … Continue reading

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Notice Me

“Nobody puts Baby in a corner.” Seriously, one of the best movie lines—Ever. I remember watching the movie Dirty Dancing for the first time as a young teen at a slumber party. To this day, a song from the soundtrack will … Continue reading

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It’s No Magic Wand…

More times than I care to think about in the last week I have wanted a magic wand. I have desperately wished for one. If only I could be the Fairy Godmother for a day. Oh, how I would use … Continue reading

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