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Because Valentine’s? It’s Just a Day…

Valentine’s Day. A day I’ve loved to hate. A day I’ve loved to love. But really? It’s just a day. There were the tortured years. Years I weighed my value on the scale of this Love-Day. This day that loved … Continue reading

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Fighting for Prince Charming

I can change a tire. I know how to check my oil, washer fluid, and radiator. I can jump off my car and change the battery. I spent one week of my summer as a college student reroofing a house. … Continue reading

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To the Broken Girl on Valentine’s Day

I watch you post pictures and memes. I scroll down and stare at your hurt—my heart aching. Your desire to be loved, accepted, known sprawled on my screen with angry words and revealing poses. A longing for affection in your … Continue reading

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Will the Real Valentine’s Day Please Rise?

Valentine’s Day. I have a love-hate relationship with the day. I know I’m not the only one. It began in middle and high school when I would watch girls parade through the halls with their flowers and teddy bears and … Continue reading

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Fighting for Happily Ever After

The week before our wedding was, well, far from the fairy tale. Tensions were already tight as my family bared the intense pressure cooker of a wedding. The Mother-of-the-Bride was sick, missing one of my showers hosted by her best … Continue reading

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Not My Jesus

Something different. A spoken word. Because I want you to hear my heart… A very special thank you to my good friend, James Wells and my former student, Alex Bernson and Savannah Hedglin for giving up their time and talents … Continue reading

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Learning to Love My Neighbor

I have a friend named Candiss. Let me tell you—this southern gal is gorgeous. I mean, Miss America ain’t got nothin’ on her. Right now she’s dying as she’s reading this. (Sorry, friend. Well, kind of…) You want to know … Continue reading

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I’ll Walk With You

Today my friend, Katelyn, will marry her Prince Andrew. She asked me last summer to write something for their wedding. Their story is like so many of ours–boy meets girl. And yet? So very different. Because it’s their story. This … Continue reading

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I Need You to Fight for My Students

I sat in the corner of the coffee shop swirling my raspberry mocha, waiting for it to cool. Looking up, I was greeted by a familiar face. A former student who held a piece of my heart. He had graduated … Continue reading

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When Love Should Move Us

The one-room home fashioned from cardboard and junkyard scraps was dim—all shadows. The only light came from cracks where a metal roof met flimsy walls. My clean tennis shoes scuffed the hard-packed dirt floor. Little more than a shelter, a … Continue reading

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